My name is Karly Morgan. Thank you for visiting my website! 

When I was a little kid, I drew pictures with my dad every day. Our time together grew into a full blown passion for art. I studied art with private teachers growing up, spent lots of time at Brainerd Gallery with Hal & Betty Brainerd, and learned from my high school art teacher, Karen Harvey. 

I went to Wake Forest University, where I graduated with honors with a double major degree in Studio Art (painting/drawing concentration) and Communications (media studies concentration). During my time there, I studied under absolutely inspiring art professors: Page H. Laughlin, Leigh Ann Halberg, David Finn, Bernadine Barnes, David Faber, Jennifer Gentry, and more. Each of them has a heart for teaching and a prestigious portfolio of work. It was truly a blessing to gain wisdom, mentorship, and friendship from each of them. 

During my time at Wake Forest, I focused on my "comfort zone" of drawing and painting, but I also found a curiosity for digital art. I was offered a complete summer internship at Erwin Penland & Co., an esteemed advertising agency, to apprentice, learn, and work in their digital art department. I was allowed to learn from, and create work for, accounts such as DisneyXD, Chick-fil-A, Denny's, Califia Farms, Voya, and more. I was once again lucky to find myself among talented artists who shared their wisdom, mentorship, and friendship with me, and my time at EP & Co. greatly developed my digital art craftsmanship. 

I am currently a Law student, and I hope to pursue a career in property law, estates & trusts law, or copyright law. I devote my free time to continuing to do artwork, although my time and space is somewhat limited. I'll always love art, and pursue it however and whenever I can! 

I produce the majority of my commissioned artwork in the summer, and I do not work or take orders during exam months (usually April/May, November/December). However, feel free to contact me any time here on my website, on my facebook page Karly Morgan Fine Art, or my email address,

Welcome to KMFA.