There are two options currently available to order: custom graphite drawings, and magazine page design. 

This page offers a guide that can give you an estimate of what the price range for your project may be. 

Each commission is custom made, just for you. So, the price for each individual commission will vary based on complexity, size, time constraints, etc. I always discuss the price at length and develop a set price before we begin any project, so you can be sure exactly what the final price will be! 



P R I C I N G: 

Base Price for design - $40 

Additional cost per horse cut out - $20 

E X A M P L E S : 

  • Level 1 - $40.00 ($40 design, no cutout)

  • Level 2 - $60.00 ($40 design + $20 x 1 horse cutout)

  • Level 3 - $80.00 ($40 design + $20 x 2 horse cutout)

  • Level 4 - $100.00 ($40 design + $20 x 3 horse cutout)

There is no limit on the number of cutouts, or the type of design you can create! See the Magazine Design Gallery for examples of past work. 


  • Current turnaround time:   3  BUSINESS DAYS

  • Orders with a tight time constraint may incur an additional rush fee.

  • Weekend rush fee is $50. 

  • Simply contact Karly Morgan directly at,
    or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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These are the GUARANTEED numbers

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$20 ad management fee +

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